Say it with yarn!

Colours on your needles

Colour is at the core of our work. We mix different colours and dyeing technics to express emotions and thematics. Our colour harmonies are sometimes striking and bold or all in softness. Let your inspiration and our colour palettes guide your choices. Follow Colorista on Facebook, Instagram and Ravelry, you might discover the perfect yarn for your next project.

We dye our yarns with acid dyes that have a low environmental impact and take measures to reduce our water consumption.

Our yarns

We work with different types of yarn bases, like Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) wool, Merino wool and Peruvian Highland wool in an array of yarn weights. We also dye more luxurious fibres like Kid Mohair and Silk. We carefully select suppliers that have a solid ethical code requiring that their cattle breeders and distributors prioritize animal wellness.

We hope that you will find in our selection a yarn that suits your knitting, crochet and weaving projects.

A Word From the Dyer

Avid knitter, I started dyeing yarn to put my own colours on my needles. I started Colorista in 2016 because I wanted to share with you the fruition of my exploration. My career path was not necessarily leading me to become an entrepreneur in the fibre industry. I started as a television makeup artist, then became a certified translator and now I am an indie dyer! At first glance, these fields don’t seem to have much in common, however, yarn dyeing enables me to use all the skills I acquired in my previous careers, from mixing colours like in makeup to writing texts like this one. But what I like most of my present career, besides creating colour palettes, is to see my colours dancing on your needles to become beautiful creations in your hands.

Happy knitting!


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